[b-hebrew] Psalm 19:2-3

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Sep 23 15:05:54 EDT 2003

On 23/09/2003 11:24, Karl Randolph wrote:

>Look at the context. In verse two we have the heavens recounting and the expanse setting forth (as in reporting), then in verse three the day makes speech flow forth and the night declares knowledge.
You may be right, but see below.

>Agreed, “each day” is usually used adverbially, but not always.
>YWMM is the word for “daily”
And "daily" is the English for YWMM. So let's turn your logic round. 
Look and an English version: "The firmament proclaims the work of his 
hands and day by day pours forth speech". By you argument, since "daily" 
is the English for YWMM, in my English sentence the first "day" must be 
the subject of "pours". But is that correct?

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