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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Sep 23 13:52:55 EDT 2003

On 22/09/2003 22:38, Pere Porta Roca wrote:

>Forgive me for my ignorance.
>The word 'taqiymnah' (Jer 44:25): which syllable does the tonic accent fall
>on: 'qiym' o 'nah'?  (In my bible both syllables carry an accent)
The stressed syllable here is 'qiym'. The accent is pashta which is 
always positioned after the last letter of the word, but when the word 
is stressed not on the last syllable the pashta is repeated on the 
stressed syllable. So when you see two pashtas on one word, the first 
one is always on the stressed syllable.

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