[b-hebrew] Psalm 19:2-3

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Mon Sep 22 12:33:33 EDT 2003

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> )mr is tagged as a noun in Groves-Wheeler* which agrees with the LXX
> hrema.  ywM lywM looks like an adverbial expression limiting yby(. I wonder if
> )mr is the subject or the object of yby(. It is ambiguous in the LXX since
> hrema is neuter. Wheeler tags it accusative, I suspect he is right.

Psa. 18:3 LXX 
hemera te hemera ereugetai hrema
kai nux nukti anaggellei gnosin

ereugetai is a middle voice so hrema could be the subject.  yby( is hifil so
the question is can a hifil have a middle sense? Could  )mr be both the
agent and the object of yby(?

These are questions for a Hebrew type, not I.

Clay Bartholomew 

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