[b-hebrew] lxx vorlage is mt vorlage is unpointed mt

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Mon Sep 22 11:10:37 EDT 2003

Philip asked:

>   Since the LXX Vorlage is extinct, i.e. not extanct anymore, I am
> assuming that:
> The LXX vorlage (i.e. parent text) = the MT Vorlage= the unpointed MT.

> How realistic is this assumption?

Not realistic. To use just one argument with which I am familiar, some Dead
Sea Scrolls agree with the LXX rather than with the MT, showing that not all
differences between the LXX and MT can be attributed to mistranslation; some
are attributable to a Vorlage different from the MT. VanderKam points out
Exodus 1:5 in 4QExod a, Deut 32:8 in 4QDeut j, Jeremiah 10:3-11 in 4QJer b,
1 Sam 17:4 in 1QSam a.

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