[b-hebrew] Re: elohim 2555x or 2600x in the Hebrew Bible

Arne Halbakken 1stluth at smig.net
Sun Sep 21 22:46:44 EDT 2003

>Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 15:21:31 +0100
>From: "Philip Engmann" <phil-eng at ighmail.com>
>Subject: [b-hebrew] elohim 2555x or 2600x in the Hebrew Bible
>"The general Hebrew name for God is elohim (Myhilox<). Sometimes it is
>used with a definite article, sometimes without. Altogether it occurs
>2555 times in the Hebrew Bible. In 2310 of these instances, it is used
>as the name of the living and true God, but in 245 passages it appears
>to be adopted in lower senses."[1]
>Kholenberger's and Swanson's Hebrew English Concordance to the Old
>Testament defines elohim as a masculine plural noun. The concordance
>lists all the occurrences of elohim in the Hebrew Old Testament and
>notes that elohim occurs 2600 times in the Biblia Hebraica
>Stuttgartensia (BHS)
>Which is which? Does elohim occur 2600 times or 2555 times in the Hebrew
>Philip Engmann

An Accordance search of the MT shows 2,602 uses (in 2,248 verses).

Arne Halbakken

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