[b-hebrew] elohim 2555x or 2600x in the Hebrew Bible

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sun Sep 21 21:29:46 EDT 2003

On 21/09/2003 15:04, Pastor Mark Eddy wrote:

> ...
>If you include the singular EL a BibleWorks search comes up with 6499 occurrences with 22 forms in 4795
>verses. If you had to, you could check each reference to see which form(s) may have been overlooked in the
>first reference you cited.
>Mark Eddy
The singular of 'elohim is not 'el but 'eloah. These are two different 
words for "god". Both 'el and 'eloah have perfectly regular plurals, 
'elim (Job 41:17) and 'elohim respectively. 'eloah occurs about 57 times 
in the singular.

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