[b-hebrew] Re: Elohiym has a Hireq Yod in the M.T.

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Thu Sep 18 09:06:58 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 17 September 2003 22:43, Karl Randolph wrote:
> Thanx for the high resolution picture, where is the word “elohim” in it?
> The first three words I see in it say “KH )MRW )LHM” which, translated, say
> “Thus they said unto them”. I don’t see “elohim” at all in the whole scrap.

I have to agree with Karl here: I don't see the word "elohim" with or without 
a yod in this document.  And actually, the purported word in the first line 
looks more like )LHN to me, since there appears to be only one hatch on the 
top of it (cf. several mems in the second line, all of which have 3 hatches).  
This seems to reinforce the ideas that 1) the word is "to them" and not 
"elohim," and 2) the papyrus may be written in Aramaic.  

Just my brief observation for whatever it may be worth.

Dave Washburn
"God does a lot of things in the Psalms
that He can't get away with in systematic theology."

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