[b-hebrew] Re: Elohiym has a Hireq Yod in the M.T.

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Thu Sep 18 00:43:32 EDT 2003

Thanx for the high resolution picture, where is the word “elohim” in it? The first three words I see in it say “KH )MRW )LHM” which, translated, say “Thus they said unto them”. I don’t see “elohim” at all in the whole scrap.

Is this papyrus written in a form of Aramaic or exilic or early post-exilic Hebrew? The word “MLK)” which is an Aramic definite article suffix on the word “MLK” meaning “the king” is suspicious. This is the second to the last line of the second line.

All in all, this is a strange papyrus. I don’t question its antiquity, though I do wonder as to its exact age.

I notice that the next to last word on the top line does have the yod mem for the plural.

On a similar note, does a lamed-he changed to a yod count in this question? In a book in the library, as well as on line, I found a picture of a stone written in Sinaitic font where a lamed-he verb was changed in a second person sing. where the yod was used in the place of the He—in particular, the word BKH meaning “to weep” was changed to a BKYT as in “you weep”. As far as I can tell, this is an example of yod being used as a vowel prior to 700 BC.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Ken Penner" <pennerkm at mcmaster.ca>

> > Does the "Elohim (Marzeah)
> > papyrus" ...  use hireq yod?  
> Excellent question. No, it does not use yod; it spells Elohim
> Alef-Lamed-He-Mem. 
> > Are there any online
> > sources where I can find more on this papyrus?
> For a hi-res image, see
> <http://www.deadseaexhibit.com/downloads/Press_Images/Elohim_Papyrus-hi.jpg>
> If you read German, see
> http://www.jesus.ch/a/erb/index.php/D/article/137/4419/
> http://www.welt.de/daten/2002/10/06/1006km360466.htx
> Offline, if you read French, see:
> Bordreuil, P., Pardee, D. 1990. Le papyrus du Marzeah. Semitica 38:49-68.
> P. Bordreuil, D. Pardee, Nouvel examen du < papyrus du marzeah >. Semitica
> 50.
> It script is closest to that of the Siloam inscription (Hezekiah's time).
> Bibliographical note: Zevit, Ziony. Matres Lectionis in Ancient Hebrew
> Epigraphy. Cambridge: ASOR, 1980.
> Ken Penner, Ph.D. (cand.), McMaster University
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