[b-hebrew] There is Qal Passive stem!!!

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On 16/09/2003 05:23, Trevor Peterson wrote:

>>===== Original Message From George Athas <gathas at hotkey.net.au> =====
>>There does appear to have been a Qal Passive at a very early
>>stage of Hebrew. The vestiges of it are seen mostly in the Qal Passive
>>participle. However, there are a handful of Qal Passive Perfects and 
>>which are usually mistaken for Pual or Hophal forms. There is a short 
>>of these in Seow's grammar (2nd Ed), pp.323-24. I'm sure there must be a more
>>detailed discussion elsewhere, too.
>W&O'C has a pretty good discussion of it, and you should find enough 
>bibliography there to go further. ...
Thanks, George and Trevor, for refreshing my memory on this one.

But it still seems to me that any idea of a qal passive at 1 Sam 1:22 is 
bringing in an unnecessary complication. At least I would want to see 
evidence that there is a qal passive of ra'ah which would have the 
correct consonantal form. And my point was that there is no need to 
posit a passive form here as the active form is quite comprehensible, 
and not theologically objectionable, when the idiom is understood.

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