[b-hebrew] Elohiym has a Hireq Yod in the M.T.

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Mon Sep 15 17:01:09 EDT 2003

> How much Hebrew epigraphic material predating the 6th cent. 
> BC is there? 

348 inscriptions are transcribed and translated in Gogel, pages 386-494.

> Seeing as the oldest extent texts we have of Genesis are 
> copies dating only about 2000 years ago, how can we be sure 
> that copyists did not add the yod? 

We can't be sure. That's the point.

> Though if that were true, 
> wouldn't we expect some examples of "elohim" without a yod to 
> survive into the MT? 


See Kutscher's monumental _The Language and Linguistic Background of the
Isaiah Scroll_ regarding early scribal orthography.

Ken Penner, McMaster/DSS

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