[b-hebrew] Yahweh in the BDB Lexicon

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Sep 15 14:39:23 EDT 2003

On 15/09/2003 07:26, David P Donnelly wrote:

>What does this Hebrew word mean as it is found in the Brown Driver Briggs
>Dave Donnelly
We went through this one on this list a few months ago. It could 
apparently be either a Qal imperfect or a Hiphil imperfect of the root 
HWH, which is found in BH but very rare. HWH seems to be an alternative 
form of HYH "to be", similar to the Aramaic, although other meanings 
have been suggested. So as a word it could mean either "he is" or 
perhaps "he causes to be". Or of course it could just be a meaningless name.

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