[b-hebrew] Ruth 2:14; Perfect Vav Consecutive/Conversive

Trevor Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Sun Sep 14 17:54:36 EDT 2003

Paul wrote:

> What kind of Vav is on:
> 	'KLT: Qal Perf 2fs EAT, and
> 	+BLT: Qal Perf 2fs Dip??
> I am having trouble getting a hold of the distinctions of the 
> Perfect Conjunction. Paul Traub

I assume you're asking about the syntax of the verb here. I would call
the vav part of the verb conjugation in this case. The form is veqatal,
which in CBHP is regularly used to follow another verb form and carry
forward its force. That seems to be the case here. So you start from the
beginning of Bo'az's utterance, with the imperative goshi (ng$ G). The
two (I would call them) converted perfects continue the imperative
force: "Come . . . and eat . . . and dip . . . "

Trevor Peterson

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