[b-hebrew] Scroll fragment Genesis 22 commentary reported

Stephen Goranson, PH.D. goranson at duke.edu
Sat Sep 13 07:46:27 EDT 2003

apology for cross-posting:

An article today 13 Sept. in the Fort Worth Star Telegram quotes Hanan Eshel on 
a fragment on display now in Texas.

In one fragment, Eshel believes he may have discovered an ancient commentary on 
Chapter 22 of Genesis that contradicts the traditional interpretation of God 
ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son Issac. In other words, Eshel said, he now 
believes that God may not have asked Abraham to sacrifice his son.

"God called Isaac 'My son,' not 'your son,' " Eshel said. "This is the first 
time we have found this distinction." [End quote.]


On the exhibit, see
(Thanks to Matthew Hamilton for bibliography.)

It may be that this refers to the fragment pictured at the top there, and 
in "selected highlights."

Has anyone seen the exhibit or the "printed program guide" ($10)?

Stephen Goranson

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