[b-hebrew] Sebir reading in 2 Kings 23:25

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 16:23:53 EDT 2003

Hi Mark,

With the help of Scott's _A Simplified Guide to the BHS_ I would say the
first note means that several Medieval manuscripts have bkl in the side
margin (Masora parva) labelled as a sebir (perhaps seber?) or supposed
correction.  You may see an example of this seber designation in the BHS at
Gen 19:23.  The second note means that several (other) Medieval manuscipts
have wbkl in the biblical text proper.  The BHS does not indicate exactly
which manuscripts.  The editors have to limit their commentary due to the
constraints of space.

Not much help, I know, but maybe a little...;-)


> Friends,
> For 2 Kings 23:25, the apparatus of BHS (4th) notes two alternate readings
> for kkl: "nonn Mss Seb bkl" and "nonn Mss wbkl".  If my memory is correct,
> Seberin readings refer to the Masora (which I do not have access to), but
> am not sure what the other reference might be to.  As the libraries were I
> live are quite limited (that's an understatement!), would any of you be
> able to tell me what texts/manuscripts these notes are referring to?
> Thank you!
> Mark

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