[b-hebrew] Sebir reading in 2 Kings 23:25

Mark Wessner mark at wessner.ca
Mon Sep 8 23:32:30 EDT 2003


For 2 Kings 23:25, the apparatus of BHS (4th) notes two alternate readings 
for kkl: "nonn Mss Seb bkl" and "nonn Mss wbkl".  If my memory is correct, 
Seberin readings refer to the Masora (which I do not have access to), but I 
am not sure what the other reference might be to.  As the libraries were I 
live are quite limited (that's an understatement!), would any of you be 
able to tell me what texts/manuscripts these notes are referring to?

Thank you!


Mark D. Wessner
Professor of Religion
American Public University System

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