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Dear Kevin 

have a look at the following items. 

Jay M. Eidelman, "Be Holy for I am Holy: Food, Politics, and the Teaching of  
Judaism," Journal of Ritual Studies 14.1 (2000): 45-51. 

Adele Reinhartz, "Reflection on Table Fellowship and Community Identity,"  
Semeia 86 (1999): 227-33. 

Diane M. Sharon, "When Fathers Refuse to Eat: The Trope of Rejecting Food  
and Drink in Biblical Narrative," Semeia 86 (1999): 135-48. 

Deborah A. Appler, "From Queen to Cuisine: Food Imagery in the Jezebel  
Narrative," Semeia 86 (1999): 55-73. 

Robert P. Carroll, "YHWH's Sour Grapes: Images of Food and Drink in the  
Prophetic Discourses of the Hebrew Bible," Semeia 86 (1999): 113-31. 

Judith E. McKinlay, "To Eat or Not To Eat: Where is Wisdom in this Choice?,"  
Semeia 86 (1999): 73-84. 

Athalya Brenner, "The Food of Love: Gendered Food and Food Imagery in the  
Song of Songs," Semeia 86 (1999): 101-12. 

Philip R. Davies, "Food, Drink and Sects: The Question of Ingestion in the  
Qumran Texts," Semeia 86 (1999): 151-63. 

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, ""Not by Bread Alone...": The Ritualization of Food  
and Table Talk in the Passover Seder and in the Last Supper," Semeia 86 (1999):  

Stephen Alan Reed, "Food in the Psalms" (Claremont Graduate School; Ph.D.  
dissertation diss., 1987),  

Jean Soler, "The Semiotics of Food in the Bible," in Food and Drink in History  
(ed. Robert Forster and Orest Ranum; Annales: Economies, Sociétés,  
Civilisations 5; Baltimore, Md.-London, U.K.: John Hopkins University Press,  
1979), 126-38. 

If you read German, a good resource is 

Eleonore Schmitt, Das Essen in der Bibel. Literaturethnologische Aspekte des  
Alltäglichen (Studien zur Kulturanthropologie 2; Münster/Hamburg: LIT Verlag,  

I have written a paper entitled 

"Momentaufnahmen” Of Israelite Religion: The Importance Of The  
Communal Meal In Narrative Texts In 1/2 Kings And Their Ritual  
Dimension" that was read for the SBL annual meeting in Denver in  
2001 and has been submitted for publication.

Well I guess that should give you something to read :-)

All the best


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