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Depending on your angle of approach, you might find something of value in a
book which has, however, the slight disadvantage of being in Danish: The
doctoral habilitation by Hans Jørgen Lundager Jensen, "The Devouring Fire",
which in a sense reintroduces the idea of OT religion being a "fertility
cult", in that it focuses on the blessing of Yhwh as it manifests itself in
food, offspring and longevity, rather than on salvation history, Exodus etc.

There's a review in English at,
and there was supposed to be an English edition in the works, but I don't
know how far it's gotten.

Soren Holst, Copenhagen

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> Hi. My name is Kevin John Boddecker. I am a student at Philadelphia
> Biblical University. I am beginning research on a paper in an area that it
> seems little has been done. I was wondering if anyone knew of any books,
> articles, or any other source on the topic of food in the hebrew
> scriptures and/or the sacred nature or theology of food. Thank you.
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