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I did not find any examples of exactly the type of sentences you propose in
your question, and I am certain there are others who will weigh in on this
but I shall point to two passages that when pasted together would make the
type of statement you are looking for.  In Hosea   6:6  "For I desire mercy
..." [JPS] and  2 Chronicles 28:1  "but he did not ..." [KJV] "and he did
not" [JPS].  The clauses in your sentence could be independent clauses and
are connected together only by the conjunction.  I don't see why you can't
create independent clauses in BH much in the same way and glue them together
with the waw conjunction.

But maybe I am missing something

Bill Burks

On 9/3/03 8:41 AM, "Liz Fried" <lizfried at umich.edu> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I've started to study modern Hebrew
> (I"m going to be teaching at the Rothberg School in
> Jerusalem this fall.)
> In modern Hebrew to say "I wanted her to marry him,
> but she didn't," you have to say "I wanted that she will
> marry him, but she did not marry him."
> How would you say this in BH? I can't think of an example.
> Thanks.
> Liz
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