[b-hebrew] Why "believe" are in Hifil stem?

George Athas gathas at hotkey.net.au
Mon Sep 1 08:54:20 EDT 2003

> Good point, Trevor. Another example, among quite a few, where a verb occurs in
a stem (binyan) that no longer serves its original meaning is "dibber" -- "he
spoke", nothing intensive here.
> Uri

There is a case for arguing that the root DBR occurs naturally in the Piel stem
because it is viewed as a formal action. That is, the intensive nature of the
action has to do with formality.

Also, the possibility of two objects is not always an indicator of a causative
stem. It works sometimes, but not always.

Nevertheless, the general point is well made. We need to see certain verbs as
simply occuring naturally in one particularly stem.

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