[b-hebrew] Gen.2:25 and 3:1

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Fri Oct 31 17:29:04 EST 2003


I don’t have a BDB nor easy access to one either.

(RH means to make bare, hence naked

(RM means to act with forethought or craftiness

The change of (RH to (RWM is rare, only a couple other verb-root to noun-derivitive show that pattern in Tanakh. However, (RM to (RWM pattern is common.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Thx Karl. If  arumim and arum have different roots, then, tracing  the 
> respective development of (RH and (RM etymologically,  what were the orginal 
> meanings  or rather shades/permutations, if any, of the meanings of these terms. (I 
> don't have a BDB or easy access to one).
> Thx again and regards,
> Doris
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