[b-hebrew] )XT, rare use

Pastor Richard Bacon pastor at fpcr.org
Wed Oct 29 14:47:36 EST 2003

> In almost all its uses, )XT means "one", however in Numbers 
> 10:4, Isaiah 19:18, Jeremiah 10:8, Haggai 2:6 and Proverbs 
> 28:18 it seems to be a noun. As such it is not in the 
> dictionaries I have. Could it be from the root XTT? Any ideas?

It's a variant of )XD, being used substantivally in some cases. In
Numbers, it refers to blowing ONE of the trumpets; in Isaiah it is ONE
of the five cities; in Jeremiah it is a little more obscure: they are
ONE in their stupidity and foolishness; in Haggai it is ONE more (bit);
and in Prov. it seems to be ONE time or at ONE time. So it seems to me,

Dr. Richard Bacon, Pastor
First Presbyterian Church
Rowlett, TX

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