FW: [b-hebrew] meaning of XWT

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Oct 29 07:28:37 EST 2003

On 28/10/2003 17:31, Karl Randolph wrote:

>That’s an interesting theory. Only I wonder if XWT is one of those rare nouns that has a tau final and not just a construct form? In Tanakh it is never found except with a tau, so if the non-construct form has a hey, that would be in a cognate language. Well?
>Karl W. Randolph.
Since in Tanakh it is always in the construct or with a pronoun suffix, 
this is something we can never really know - though evidence from later 
Hebrew might be a guide. BDB reconstructed the absolute form, presumably 
on the basis of patterns of similar nouns and on the Masoretic pointing. 
I know that in some cases different dictionaries give different 
reconstructions of the absolute. I'm not sure if there is actually an 
ambiguity here. If there is, it is one which probably cannot be resolved.

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