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Noam Eitan noameitan at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 25 20:01:39 EDT 2003

It means a camp, conjugated as a construct noun. In Numbers 32:41 it is used as such, as well as a free standing noun. But all the other examples you gave are of a different word altogether, xwtm (chotam - a signet ring) - the root is xtm, not xwh as in xwt.
Noam Eitan
Brooklyn, NY
>In the dictionaries I have XWT [chawat] is listed merely as a name, and 
most of the time in Tanakh it is used as one, as part of the name XWT 
Y)YR, the name of a town east of the Jordan.

However, in five verses, Numbers 32:41, Ezekiel 28:12,  Haggai 2:23, 
Job 38:14, 41:15 I noticed that it is used apart from the name of the 
town. It appears to be something that was built up, not just a natural 
phenomenon. Does anyone have a clue to its meaning?

Thanks for your help.

Karl W. Randolph.

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