[b-hebrew] New Article: Route of the Exodus

Walter R. Mattfeld mattfeld12 at charter.net
Wed Oct 22 16:08:44 EDT 2003

For those interested, I have a new article, titled "The Route of Exdous,"
just posted a few days ago. 

What's new in "The Route of the Exodus" ? Well, for one, I got a surprise
from my research, it appears to me at least, that some of the sites
mentioned in the Exodus narratives have been preserved as Arabic topnymns
NOT in the Hebrew Massoretic Text's renderings, but rather in a form
preserved by the Greek Septuaginta and Latin Vulgate texts ! The late
Israeli scholar Yohanan Aharoni had observed that biblical site names might
be preserved in Arabic from Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin forms, and some
of my research seems to support his conclusions.

I have identified a number of locations along the "way of the wilderness to
Moab" highway from Ezion-geber and Elath to Jericho, as preserved in the
Septuaginta or Vulgate's renderings. Perhaps this is why scholars are
mystified about these sites whereabouts ? That is, they are searching for
them using the Massoretic Text ? If interested, click on the following url.
Please be advised this article is very long, in two sections, two urls, and
that the maps accompanying the text are accessible ONLY if read "On-line."
If read "Off-line," the blue-lettered and underlined urls do not appear and
the maps cannot be accessed.


Regards, Walter
Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M.A.Ed.
mattfeld12 at charter.net

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