[b-hebrew] Grammar with Discourse Perspective?

Paul Zellmer pzellmer at sc.rr.com
Fri Oct 17 19:54:32 EDT 2003

Bryan Rocine (a moderator on this list) has an excellent beginning grammar
based on discourse analysis.  I used it successfully with Filipinos who had
attained an advanced ESL level.  They found it much more intuitive than
other, more traditional grammars that we had tried.

Paul Zellmer

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> Hello all,
> I am a seminary student, and have been recently reflecting on the steep
> learning curve involved in learning Hebrew.  The teachers at my
> seminary use
> Weingreen, but I see students who are so intimidated by the time they get
> through the discussion on the vowels that they feel Hebrew
> inaccessible.  I
> had Hebrew at LSU as an undergraduate (*hi Charles* I was one of Stu's
> students) and used the First Hebrew Primer (translating Biblical Hebrew
> fairy tales "Three Little Pigs" etc).  At some level I feel the
> simplicity
> of the primer eased my existential angst about learning Hebrew
> (especially
> as an elective...)  But imagine the shock of transitioning to
> Jouon-Muraoka
> in my 2nd year Hebrew!  Now I love Jouon, but can't recommend it to
> struggling students...
> But at the Masters level is there not something that will get students
> beyond fear and trembling...  Is there a grammar which would
> actually teach
> from the discourse perspective, and not focus so much on forms
> which hardly
> occur?  Something which would ease the learning curve by getting the
> students into texts earlier?
> Thanks,
> Julie
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