[b-hebrew] Grammar with Discourse Perspective?

Julie Devall krena_li_mara at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 17 18:52:30 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I am a seminary student, and have been recently reflecting on the steep 
learning curve involved in learning Hebrew.  The teachers at my seminary use 
Weingreen, but I see students who are so intimidated by the time they get 
through the discussion on the vowels that they feel Hebrew inaccessible.  I 
had Hebrew at LSU as an undergraduate (*hi Charles* I was one of Stu's 
students) and used the First Hebrew Primer (translating Biblical Hebrew 
fairy tales "Three Little Pigs" etc).  At some level I feel the simplicity 
of the primer eased my existential angst about learning Hebrew (especially 
as an elective...)  But imagine the shock of transitioning to Jouon-Muraoka 
in my 2nd year Hebrew!  Now I love Jouon, but can't recommend it to 
struggling students...

But at the Masters level is there not something that will get students 
beyond fear and trembling...  Is there a grammar which would actually teach 
from the discourse perspective, and not focus so much on forms which hardly 
occur?  Something which would ease the learning curve by getting the 
students into texts earlier?



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