[b-hebrew] question about Ashtarte/ Asharah and Book of Ester

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Tue Oct 14 16:49:44 EDT 2003

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> In the history of narrative we find common plots, themes, actors and roles in
> stories from cultures geographically and historically isolated from one
> another, e.g., Aztec and Babylonian. There have been proponents of the view
> that cultural elements (language, stories, etc.) have been transferred from
> the ANE to far away places by ancient sea peoples. I am not one to reject out
> of hand the possibility of cultural transfer in this manner. However, it seems
> more probable that human cultures include what might be called narrative
> universals. Stories common to all cultures which do not need to travel in
> space and time from one culture to another

Before anyone wastes their time pointing this out, I am fully aware that the
Ashtarte story didn't need to travel great distances to become the basis of
Esther story. I think Pastor Eddy has raised most of the pertinent
objections to Esther directly borrowing plot and character from Ashtarte

Clay Bartholomew 

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