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Dear Peter:

The question is, which is more accurate, the source document, or the modern reconstruction?

I have seen so many source “documents” in the form of written descriptions as well as art and sculpture, that contradicts modern reconstructions that I have become suspicious of modern reconstructions. I now consider modern reconstructions no better than the philosophy and subject matter of the person who made the reconstruction.

As for the historical development of the Hebrew language, I view the original 22 glyph alphabet as a source document. The message that that source document gives in its historical setting is that Biblical Hebrew up to the Galut Babel had 22 consonantal phonemes. That those same 22 characters in earlier forms are the oldest alphabetic writing for Semitic languages (that I know of) indicates again that all Semitic languages may originally have had only 22 consonantal phonemes.

That modern Semitic languages have more phonemes is evidence that phonemes have been added to the original languages. I see too much evidence that contradicts the theory that phonemes are only lost through convergence.

History is not bunk, but some historians write bunk.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> >Getting back onto subject, I have yet to see any convincing data that indicates that the present is the key to the past. Let me emphasize again, the philosophical difference is whether or not the present is the key to the past. I say “No” and I think you say “Yes”.
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> OK, you are probably right. But I don't see what other key there is to 
> the past, unless that past is a purely speculative reconstruction based 
> on almost no evidence. Maybe that's true of all reconstructions of the 
> past. But if so, don't we have to resign ourselves to "history is bunk"?
> >Karl W. Randolph.
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