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> Karl Randolph wrote: "I also believe, based on internal evidence and
> literary styles, that when Moses "authored" Genesis, he basically collected
> earlier documents, even antediluvian documents, written with the original 22
> character alphabet, to make one book."
> In the context of the Hebrew language only, I would be interested to know
> what evidence you might present that Moses had any knowledge of the Hebrew
> language at all.  His name is classical Egyptian, he was brought up and
> educated in Egypt, he apparently both dressed and spoke like an Egyptian
> [see Ex 2.19], and never even visited the only place in the general area
> where a dialect of Canaanite would later come to be called "Judean" [yehudit
> in Isa 36.11]. What evidence is there that Moses would have known any
> alphabet at all, and not the hierglyphic system used to write Egyptian?
> Charles David Isbell
What evidence do you have that he was not brought up in a Hyksos household? That the pharaoh of the Exodus was not a Hyksys pharaoh? The reason recorded for his name is Semitic, the Hyksos capital and main population centers were in the land of Goshen, where Israel also lived, and while the Hyksos dressed differently than other peoples living in that area, they spoke a Semitic language and were familiar with Semitic writing systems. To the downtrodden Israelites, the rulers of Egypt were Egyptians.

Karl W. Randolph.
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