[b-hebrew] 2 Chronicles 1:12

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Wed Oct 8 23:49:16 EDT 2003

On 10/8/03 8:02 PM, "Mark Wessner" <mark at wessner.ca> wrote:

> Hi,
> I may be missing the obvious (which is quite possible!), but the phrase
> l)-HYH KN LMLKYM seems a little odd in that HYH is singular but LMLKYM is
> plural.  The next phrase is in the singular and the two appear to be tied
> closely together.  Any suggestions as to how this phrase should be
> translated?  Should it be "there was/is no one like you among the kings" as
> it seems to be in the LXX or "so that there are no kings like you"?
> Thanks!
> Mark


I looked this over quickly in the MT & LXX and I think the NET bible has
captured it in the  note on this verse.

NET bible Note:
 ³which was not so for the kings who were before you, and after you there
will not be so.² 

Clay Bartholomew 

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