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Dear Karl,

I have not been following the thread on Pro 30:19, but I saw your 
exchange below with Bryan and wanted to throw out a thought, although it 
might be one that you have discounted already. I have assumed that the 
point of contact among the examples given is the mystery about how 
"progress" is made:

eagle: how does it fly, move through the sky, a non-tangible medium?
snake: how does it move, it has no feet/legs?
ship: how can it move forward/follow a course in fluid?
man and maiden: how does one move/become attractive to a woman?

Rodney Duke

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>You aren’t a sailor. Particularly not a commercial sailor in the days of sail.
>Naybe a ship sailed a cargo easer than schlepping it overland, but it was hardly easy. There was constant work to be done aboard the ship, watches to stand, and if the wind didn’t go right, you were expected to row. There was seldom an idle moment awake and sleep is often stolen. Then there was the danger of being caught out in a storm (I hear those in the Mediterranean can come up suddenly, almost without warning) and sunk. Once in harbor, the crew was expected to load and unload the ship. It doesn’t sound easy to me.
>It sounds a little easier to me, but a snake on bare rock is struggling. He doesn’t find the easy grips to push against that he finds in vegetation and sand. If he miscalculates and the bare rock is high up, it can be fatal.
>Of the three, only the flight of the eagle sounds easy, because soaring on thermals and updrafts is the easiest way for a large bird to fly. Come to think of it, it takes so much energy for a large bird like an eagle to fly that they are not found except in places so rich in game so only short flights are needed, or in mountains where there are many updrafts.
>If I sound nitpicky, that is what I went through before suggesting (LMH could mean “unknown” or possibly agreeing with the LXX in saying it means “youthfulness, period before marriage”, literally, “in his virginity”.
>Karl W. Randolph.
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>>Here's another thought on the verse:  the verse is really about the fourth,
>>the way of the strong man with the innocent lass.  The speaker is marvelling
>>at how *easily* he has his way with her comparing his easy manner with the
>>effortless soaring of the eagle, slithering of the snake and progress of a
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