[b-hebrew] Variants of YHWH in the BHS Text

Trevor Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Sun Oct 5 16:38:54 EDT 2003

This was discussed very recently, simultaneously on this list and on the
Aramaic list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aramaic/). I would check the
past few months' archives. Briefly, it was determined that the form
could be an archaic G (Qal) prefixal form from HWH (which itself would
be an archaic form of Hebrew HYH). It could also be a C, as you suggest,
but such a form would be unattested in any language from the period.

Trevor Peterson

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> Isn't the hypothesis that it is the third person hifil?
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> if the tetragrammaton is supposed to be the third person 
> singular of the Hebrew verb 'to be' i.e. HWH 
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