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Fri Oct 3 15:17:58 EDT 2003

Dear Peter:

I think you’re stretching it.

As far as I know, B- prefix stands only for “in” and “by or with in the sense of instrumentality” e.g. “I hit him with a stick”.

If one wants to do something with someone else, as far as I know the word to use is (M [‘im].

A third problem I have is the definition of (LMH [‘almah] meaning “virgin”. If you refer to his action in deflowering her, she is no longer a virgin, which brings up the question what other unpredictable action is he doing IN her so that she is still a virgin? Both the LXX and my proposal get around that problem by using a different definition of (LMH.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya.org>
> >
> I will risk a charge of sexism by pointing out that young women are just 
> as unpredictable as air, rock and sea conditions, and as young men - and 
> young men's response to young women's unpredictability is just as 
> unpredictable as the responses of eagles, snakes and sea captains. So 
> your analogy gives excellent support for the interpretation of DRK GBR 
> B(LMH as "the way of a man with a girl".
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