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On 01/10/2003 14:47, Jony Rosenne wrote:

>The Israeli NB had asked ISO to cancel this standard. I doubt it will make a
>case to the contrary.
This is not a matter in which the views of the Israeli NB should be 
decisive. It is of course true that the characters in question are not 
used in modern Israeli Hebrew. But they are used in ancient texts, there 
is good evidence for them (at least for some of them), and they are 
important for scholars. For this reason they have a place in the Unicode 
standard, along with many other historic characters in every script.

These characters also have a place in legacy standards, and so (until 
there is a general policy of cancelling all legacy standards) ISO 8957 
can reasonably be cancelled only if all of the characters in it are 
incorporated into SII 1311 and thence potentially into ISO 8859-8.

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