[b-hebrew] Dahood on `ecah, derek, mow$ab

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Hi Peter,

I don't see what Qumran has to do with Dahood's Ps. 1:1.  Perhaps you have
misunderstood.  I wrote:

> >Why is it that Dahood's work on Psalms (Anchor, 1965!) is not impacting
> >recent translations, commentaries, lexicons?
> >
> >For instance, he suggests the following for 1:1--
> >
> >"...has not entered the council (`ecah) of the wicked,/ Nor in the
> >(derek) of sinners stood,/ nor in the session (mow$ab) of scoffers sat."
> >
> >He says `ecah can mean council as well as counsel.  That's easy enough to
> >take, right?
> >
> >For derek, he points out a Ug. cognate drkt, meaning throne, and says
> >Hb. derek can mean throne (or seat of power) in the Tanakh in passages
> >as Ps 110:7 (and I might add Hos. 10:13, Pro 31:3, Ps 138:5, Jer 3:13, Ps
> >119:37).   The idea has barely snuck into HALOT.
> >
> >He says mow$ab may have a political nuance as in Ps 107:32 (and I add Gen
> >36:43, 1 Ki 10:5, Job 29:7, Ps 132:13).
> >

and you wrote:
> Perhaps it is because other scholars do not accept that speculative
> reconstructions from a cognate language, many centuries remote from the
> Psalms, take priority over all the other evidence from DSS, Rabbinic
> commentaries, ancient versions etc, all of which is probably closer in
> time to the Psalms than is any of the Ugaritic material.
> Dahood's proposed meaning of "throne" for DRK seems to me just about as
> speculative and unnecessary as Karl's "unknown" for (LMH.

He doesn't suggest an emendation or reconstruction (at least in this verse
;-)  ).  He reads derek as derek and mow$ab as mow$ab.  So there is no
relevance to Qumran here unless there is a pesher on Psa 1:1 that I haven't
seen.  I would think, if anything, Qumran supports Dahood's emphasis on
place, given the cult's general devotion to their community.  In one Pesher
Psalms that I know of (1QH XVI. 4-6) we read 'wd[kh 'dwny] ky nttny bmqwr
nwzlym byb$h wmbw` mym b'rc cyh...`cy xyym bm`yn rz mxwb'ym btwk `cy mym "I
thank [you, Lord] because you placed me at the source of streams in a dry
land, at a spring of water in a parched land...trees of life in the secret
source, hidden among the watered trees."

BTW, did you look at the other vv. I cited for derek meaning "seat of
power"?  NIV did translate some of those as "strength," "vitality" or some


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