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Bravo, Peter, you may have something here.

In my dictionary, the word used in Daniel 7:15 is listed under KRH and not KR) but I think that is a minor point here so I won’t quibble, just make a note and then be silent.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> An alternative suggestion: I just spotted in BDB the biblical Aramaic 
> root KR' which means, in the ithpeal, "be distressed", and with Akkadian 
> and Arabic as well as Syriac cognates (which are distinct from those of 
> Hebrew KRH). I wonder if this was also a Hebrew verb, otherwise 
> unattested, and that K'RW in Psalm 22 (just KRW in some MSS) is an error 
> for KR'W. If the Aramaic ithpeal is "be distressed", the Hebrew qal 
> could well be "they wounded", which fits the context. It would then be 
> necessary to suppose that the true meaning was lost by the time LXX was 
> translated, and that the variants are various attempts to reconstruct 
> this as "they dug" or "like a lion".
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