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I wouldn’t be asking for cognate clues if I didn’t think so. But at the same time the opposite can happen. For example, $KX in Hebrew means to forget, but to find in Aramaic. But particularly when we are dealing with hapax legomai terms, often the cognate languages are our only clues.

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> Karl, do you accept the possibility that the Hebrew meanings which, 
> according to you, certain words "have" (although some of them seem to 
> "have" these meanings in your opinion only, at least not in standard 
> lexica or translations) might be refined and tightened up by reference 
> to words in cognate languages?
> I should add that under K)R BDB points to KWR II, and this entry, in 
> which the As. kâru appears, is distinguished from KWR I, which is given 
> as the root of K.UWR "smelting-pot, furnace" with an Arabic cognate with 
> the same meaning.
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