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On 28/11/2003 14:12, Peter Kirk wrote:

> ...
> I should add that under K)R BDB points to KWR II, and this entry, in 
> which the As. kâru appears, is distinguished from KWR I, which is 
> given as the root of K.UWR "smelting-pot, furnace" with an Arabic 
> cognate with the same meaning.
An alternative suggestion: I just spotted in BDB the biblical Aramaic 
root KR' which means, in the ithpeal, "be distressed", and with Akkadian 
and Arabic as well as Syriac cognates (which are distinct from those of 
Hebrew KRH). I wonder if this was also a Hebrew verb, otherwise 
unattested, and that K'RW in Psalm 22 (just KRW in some MSS) is an error 
for KR'W. If the Aramaic ithpeal is "be distressed", the Hebrew qal 
could well be "they wounded", which fits the context. It would then be 
necessary to suppose that the true meaning was lost by the time LXX was 
translated, and that the variants are various attempts to reconstruct 
this as "they dug" or "like a lion".

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