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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Fri Nov 28 17:12:36 EST 2003

On 28/11/2003 13:59, Karl Randolph wrote:

>In other words, there is no evidence from cognate languages.
>This also illustrates potential pitfalls when looking at cognate languages, for all the examples listed below already have Hebrew meanings:
>K)R word in question, no cognates
>KWR smelting oven, though not as hot as a KB$N which added foot operated bellows for a hotter fire
>KRH to provide, furnish
>KRR to leap about, somewhat similar to the Arabic.
>Which means that our only clues are context and early translations.
>Karl W. Randolph.
Karl, do you accept the possibility that the Hebrew meanings which, 
according to you, certain words "have" (although some of them seem to 
"have" these meanings in your opinion only, at least not in standard 
lexica or translations) might be refined and tightened up by reference 
to words in cognate languages?

I should add that under K)R BDB points to KWR II, and this entry, in 
which the As. kâru appears, is distinguished from KWR I, which is given 
as the root of K.UWR "smelting-pot, furnace" with an Arabic cognate with 
the same meaning.

Peter Kirk
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