[b-hebrew] Re: 22nd Psalm & 40th Psalm

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Fri Nov 28 07:01:49 EST 2003

On 27/11/2003 20:08, Karl Randolph wrote:

>K)R in Ps 22:17 (16 in English) is in the place where one would expect to find a verb, as you mentioned below. As for what it means, there is too little context in Tanakh to give a certain understanding. As the text presently stands, the meaning “as a lion” does not fit. Are there any clues from cognate languages?
Well, Karl, at the risk of being told that an assumption is being made 
about a loan word, BDB mentions under KWR an As. (= Akkadian?) possible 
cognate kâru "fell trees", which might be relevant but I suppose 
suggests a meaning "they chopped off my hands and my feet". And then 
there are a number of possible cognates under KRH e.g. Syriac "be short, 
cut off", Arabic "ball", As. karê "large vessels for holding corn" etc., 
Another possible root is KRR which in Arabic means "return, repeat, 
attack anew, advance and retreat". But none of this is very helpful.

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