[b-hebrew] Contextual Semantic Domains (WAY off topic)

Paul Zellmer paul at smcfm.org
Tue Nov 25 16:34:37 EST 2003

Just a note, Reinier, that has very little (actually nothing) to do with

Penguins actually do have feathers.  However, I would agree that they are
probably considered less typical than even the ostrich because the ostrich
exists in an environment that is considered typical for birds, while the
penguins "fly" underwater.

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Paul Zellmer

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> .        Every category has "good" (i.e. typical) and "bad" (i.e.
> a-typical) members, including marginal examples whose category
> membership is doubtful. Many of you will probably agree with me that a
> "robin" is a typical example of the category "bird", but that an
> "ostrich", a "penguin", or a "bat" is an a-typical member. This is
> caused by the fact that the latter have less attributes in common with
> the more typical members of that category. The ostrich, for example,
> does not fly. Penguins do not fly either and have no feathers. Bats can
> fly, but they do not lay eggs, have no beak, no feathers, etc.


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