[b-hebrew] Re: 22 nd Psalm

Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 23:39:42 EST 2003

David Kimbrough wrote:

> Is "like a lion" a reasonable 
> translation?  It looks singular 
> to me but is there some reason 
> to translate it as a plural?  
> Is "kari" a third person plural 
> perfect qal of k-r-h?  If so, 
> is it more reasonable translated 
> as "they dug" or "they pierced"?  
> If not, what might it mean?  Is 
> this just hopelessly corrupted? 

Check out this site, David:


It has a good enhanced photo and explanation of the
textual issues particularly related to Peter Flint’s
publication of a NAKHAL KHEVER scrap of Psa. 22 (DJD,
vol. 38, Col. XI, frag. 9, Oxford).  In short, KA’ARU
(“they dug”) has another ancient witness.

-- Michael Millier

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