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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Wed Nov 19 18:36:25 EST 2003

Dear Rolf:

Is there a published thesaurus for Biblical Hebrew? I know of none.

I mentioned earlier that I tend to use my notes from the margins of my dictionaries as my dictionary. Actually, my notes are a cross between a dictionary (lexicon) and thesaurus because as I read Tanakh, I was making note of synonyms and cross referencing them. It would be nice to see if someone has done a better job than I. Now that I have my notes entered into my computer, I find that even an old 486 vintage computer (Macintosh 68040) can “turn the pages” much faster than I.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> * Native speakers may of course at times need a thesaurus in
> connection with more difficult words in their own language.
> Best regards
> Rolf Furuli
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