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What “significant differences” between chaps 1 and 2 of Genesis?

1) They don’t contradict, one merely includes details the other omits

2) Different authors. Just as the books of Kings relied on previous documents, so Moses had previous documents when he authored Genesis which he indicated by his use of TWLDWT.

Before we get into example after example, many other “significant differences” have simple explanations, such as David may have sung a psalm slightly differently extemporaneously than the way he had the same psalm recorded in the book of Psalms after editing; the “raw” version then was recorded in Samuel and the polished version in Psalms. Without a paper trail, these “reworkings” remain speculation.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: Uri Hurwitz <uhurwitz at yahoo.com>

> Pastor Mark Eddy <markeddy at adams.net> wrote, inter alia:
> .
> ..."there is no hard evidence (e.g. manuscripts) that shows that
> anyone reworked previously-existing texts and then passed off their reworking as if it were original." ...
> Mark Eddy
> How,then, does one explain the significant differences in the narrative about the creation of woman between chapters 1 and 2 in Gen.? To cite just one example of the various versions preserved in the HB.
> Uri
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