[b-hebrew] lexicography

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Tue Nov 18 14:32:58 EST 2003

I know I said I was out of this, but I have to address this because it's such 
a gross misrepresentation of my words:

On Tuesday 18 November 2003 10:32, Karl Randolph wrote:
> > Enjoy your lexicographical back-flips if you like;
> My flip flops?
> To give a picture from politics:
> Before the U.S. and Britain sent troops into Iraq, look at the statements,
> President: “It will be a long, hard war.”
> Democrats in Congress: “It will be a cakewalk.”
> Now,
> President: “We have won a small step, there is much left to do.”
> Democrats in Congress, of president: “He lied, *he* said it would be a
> cakewalk.”
> Back to lexicography, when you made statements concerning looking for core
> definitions that I never claimed, and when I wrote to correct you, you call
> that a flip flop?

I didn't say "flip flop," Karl.  I never suggested the sort of thing you 
address, and would ask you to please look back through the thread and read 
what I actually wrote.  I never even hinted at the term "flip flop" as if to 
say you were changing view in the manner you describe.  I don't appreciate 
this sort of misrepresentation, and it indicates to me that someone is not 
actually READING what I write, but trying to find ways to frobnicate with my 
words in order to avoid having to deal with them.  Please don't do this any 
more.  I do my best not to do it with your words, and would ask for the same 

Dave Washburn
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