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Walter R. Mattfeld mattfeld12 at charter.net
Sat Nov 15 19:40:39 EST 2003

I can "second" Naomi's nomination, _The Bible Unearthed, Archaeology['s New
Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts_ by Israel
Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman (The Free Press. 2001). Another equally
important book with similar conclusions, is Profesor Burton MacDonald, _East
of the Jordan, Territories and Sites of the Hebrew Scriptures_(Boston.
American Schools of Oriental Research. 2000). Like Finkelstein and
Silberman, MacDonald concludes that the archaeological evidence suggests
that the Exodus narratives were written between 640-562 BCE, because this
the ONLY era that most of sites appearing in the narratives are in existence
at the same time and contemporary with each other. Of interest is that
MacDonald's book is on-line and "free to read by the public," its in Adobe
PDF format (with viewable text, tables, maps and illustrations) at the
following url :


Regards, Walter
Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M.A. Ed.
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