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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Thu Nov 13 18:20:18 EST 2003

On 13/11/2003 14:43, George Athas wrote:

>I remember some time back coming across a theory that presented evidence for
>coffee being mentioned in the Bible. From memory, it picked up on the word
>QAHWAH. I've done searches and can't seem to find the word.
Nor can I. The only occurrences of QHW are with the Q as a final root 
consonant and a HW suffix.

BDB has an entry Q"HFYOWN (qehayown) which could look like "coffee" but 
is a conjectural emendation of NIQ:YOWN in Amos 4:6. But doesn't quite 
fit the context: providing coffee in every city is not much of a judgment!

I suppose the occurrenced of QHH in the context of teeth could be made 
to sound like coffee, but the form T.IQ:HEYNAH is not very like QAHWAH.

>Does anyone know of this argument and/or the Biblical references invovled?
>Best regards on a glorious Sydney morning,
I wish I was there! I enjoyed this time of year in Australia last year, 
but this year I am stuck in damp and grey England.

>(Sydney, Australia)

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