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Didn’t you just libel me? Or is it just your opinion, which makes it not libel?

As for BDB, they were students of Gesenius, and Gesenius was a member of the German rationalist school of the early 19th century. From what I have seen of that philosophical school, particularly as it pertains to their treatment of the Bible and ancient Israel, I don’t see how it is not anti-Semitic. However, this is a “platonic” anti-Semitism that does not advocate violence. Is there anything in this paragraph that is not accurate?

As I wrote earlier, I do not have access to BDB’s dictionary, so I was relying on previous posts to this list as a basis for my response. If previous posts are accurate, and I have no reason to doubt them unless shown otherwise, then how is my response inaccurate? It fits the philosophic pattern.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya.org>
> On 11/11/2003 15:16, Elaine Keown wrote:
> > ...
> >
> >>As for BDB, I think they were philosophical
> >>anti-Semites. When a word is found in both Biblical
> >>Hebrew and another language
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >I am sorry to hear this--I did not know.
> >  
> >
> Karl doesn't know either. He says he only "thinks". In fact he 
> speculates, and rather wildly. He then makes an outrageous charge, one 
> which would be libellous if the people in question were still alive. Of 
> course he could defend himself from a libel charge by proving the truth 
> of his allegation. But presumably he cannot do this as he only says "I 
> think".
> Karl, can you perhaps give me a few specific examples of BDB entries 
> where there is a "presupposition that the word is a loan word into Hebrew"?
> --  
> Peter Kirk
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