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Among the works on foreign words in the BH  there is one by the late M. Ellenbogen, and also, I believe, by Chaim Cohen.

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> Elaine Keown
> central Texas
> Hi,
> If you look at the standard (but quite old)
> dictionary, Brown-Driver-Briggs, you will find
> Aramaic, Persian, Akkadian, Tamil or Malayalam, Greek,
> Egyptian and probably various others. 
> I would guess that the Aramaic and Persian loanwords
> are the most numerous---Elaine

Most of these I'm aware of, but Tamil and Malayalam surprise me. How
would languages of southern India end up in the Hebrew Bible? Any idea
what the word or words in question are? I have BDB, but don't recall
discovering them yet. Oh, how I miss living near the seminary library!

Brandon Cherry, M.Div.
Waco, TX

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