[b-hebrew] Other languages in the Tanakh

Elaine Keown elaine_keown at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 18:16:13 EST 2003

         Elaine Keown
         still in Texas

Dear Mr. Randolph:

Thank you for your response.  I would say I am a
partially-trained Hebraist--I came to Hebrew really
late in life.  

> For example, even a document as short as the Gezer
> calendar has at least one lexeme not found in
> Tanakh, (CD  [‘atsad] which I think may have meant
> “to ret”, a common term in those days of making
> linen out of flax. 

What does "to ret" mean in English--I'm afraid
flax-processing is not familiar to me--this is cotton

> As for BDB, I think they were philosophical
> anti-Semites. When a word is found in both Biblical
> Hebrew and another language

I am sorry to hear this--I did not know.

I actually have been most fascinated by the words
which supposedly are loan words for various items from
Malayalam or Tamil.  They reflect very early trade
between southern India and the Near East.


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